From the Editor, cont'​

Over the years I've counseled many entrepreneurs, would be small business owners and while they haven't identified it, they share my "dis-ease" regarding the perfection of products and services. Unfortunately this causes delays in service, unfinished projects and an all around hindrance to our own progress. With this letter, I hope in the upcoming year to hold myself accountable and allow you to as well. :)  There's no such thing as perfection, there's is only the way I do it and the way you do it. Everything will always evolve and let fine wine.... get better with time.  So, as you move forward with your business idea, plan, etc., be aware of the dream killing "dis-ease" of analysis paralysis and our prescription for you - take five steps forward. If you do that there will be no need to call us in the morning. You will have moved through the paralysis!